Most Expensive Footballers (Soccer Players) In The World

This led to Ibrahimovic threatening to break Van der Vaart’s legs, and concluded in Ajax selling Ibrahimovic to Juventus for EUR16 million. He made his debut ages just 16 years old and went on to make 40 appearances for Southampton, scoring 5 goals, before moving to Tottenham Hotspur in 2007 for a total fee of £7 million.

Kaká started his career in his native Brazil with Sao Paulo, signing a contract at the age of 15. Over the course of three seasons at Napoli Cavani made 104 league appearances for the club and scored an incredible 78 goals, obviously boosting his transfer value massively and making him one of the most sought after strikers in the world. The deal was worth EUR69.5 million total, making it the 3rd largest transfer in history.

2. This is just a small sample of his honours, which also include being Portugal’s top all time scorer (49 goals). Inter and Barcelona came to an agreement over Ibrahimovic in 2009, with a large sum of money, Samuel Eto’o and Alexander Hleb moving in Inter’s direction, and Ibrahimovic moving to the Spanish giants. He has excellent technique and accuracy with both feet, as well as being an extremely good header of the ball. Ronaldo is known for his free kick ability, long shooting, dribbling and finishing in one on one situations. A Brazilian playing in an advanced midfield position just behind the striker(s), he is known for his massive array of technical abilities, and is excellent at shooting (both in one on one situations and from range), dribbling and intuitive passing vision, as well as the ability to play the passes he sees. Christiano Ronaldo

Manchester United to Real Madrid for 94 million Euros

In 2009, Christiano Ronaldo once again asked to leave the m88 club for his boyhood favourites, Real Madrid. In his first season at Milan, Ibrahimovic once again won the Serie A title, making it 8 consecutive league title wins for the Swede. To illustrate this, in the 2012-2013 season he was awarded the PFA Players’ Player of the Year, Young Player of the Year and FWA Player of the Year awards. This request was accepted by Alex Ferguson, and at the start of the 2009 summer transfer window Christiano Ronaldo became the most expensive footballer in history, with Real Madrid completed a EUR94 million transfer for him, closing his Manchester United account on 84 goals in 196 league appearances. Many think that if it weren’t for the excellence of Lionel Messi, he would have won every Ballon d’Or since. He left White Hart Lane with 42 goals in 146 league appearances.

Most Expensive Footballers (Soccer Players) In The World


In 2013 Kaká decided he wanted to leave Real Madrid, and made the move back to his European love, AC Milan, on a free transfer. Then came the Calciopoli scandal in 2006, where Juventus were stripped of their last two Serie A titles due to their part in match fixing, they were also relegated to Serie B as a punishment. Over the next four seasons with Milan, Kaká was nominated for the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards a further 3 times, finally winning both individual awards in 2007. With multiple top clubs interested in the 26 year old’s signature, including Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Paris Saint German, it was obvious that Cavani would go for a hefty price tag. Since moving to the “New Galacticos” in 2009, Ronaldo has scored 171 league goals in 159 appearances. He plays in a wide range of attacking positions, he can play as a left or right winger, as a central attacking player or in the out and out strikers role. Kaka

AC Milan to Real Madrid for 68.5 million Euros

First on our list of most expensive footballers in the world is Gareth Bale, who moved from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid in 2013 for EUR100 million. He is also known for his religiousness and charitability.

As of March 2014 Cavani has made 24 league appearances for PSG and scored 14 goals, forging a fearsome striking partnership with Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the process.

Gareth Bale went through another injury crisis in the first half of his first season with Real Madrid, missing much of his debut season, but he has since regained his form and has scored 10 and assisted 11 in 20 appearances for Real Madrid. He has won numerous awards at individual, club, and international levels. This occurred during an international match between Sweden and Netherlands, where Rafael Van der Vaart publicly accused Ibrahimovic of purposely injuring him. Alongside his technical ability he is extremely fast and a high jumper, making him the modern day epitomy of an all round player. Many top players left the club during this time, despite the staff’s best efforts to keep them, and Ibrahimovic was no exception, moving to Inter Milan in a deal worth EUR24.8 million.

In his debut season with AC Milan, Kaká made 30 appearances, scoring 10 goals and many important assists, winning the Serie A title in the process. At the end of the 2009-10 season he announced that his relationship with Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola had deteriorated beyond repair, and the manager hadn’t spoken to him since March. He has been mentioned to be one of the greatest players of all time, alongside Lionel Messi. Some of his personal records include being the fastest player to score 150 La Liga goals, most goals scored in a single season for Madrid (60), most goals scored in a single La Liga season for Madrid (46), most hat tricks in a season for Madrid (7) and fastest player to reach 50, 100, 150 and 200 goals for Real Madrid. As of March 2014 Kaká has made 20 appearances for Milan, scoring 5 goals and adding 3 assists.

Progressing in descending order, Edinson Cavani starts our list of the most expensive footballers (soccer players) in the world.

Ibrahimovic startd his career with Malmö FF of his native Read More Here


Sports Betting

– New Jersey will defy a federal ban and let people bet on the outcomes of football, basketball and other m88 games this fall, Gov. ho-hu…

Here’s something for workers to cheer about: All the betting pools, glances at score updates and coffee chatter about the NCAA Tournament are good for…

Sports betting is booming. Raymond Lesniak pledged Tuesday to take the figh…

Adventures of a Cranky Gambler — NFL Week 1

Legal Sports Betting Blocked In New Jersey

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Come summer 2016, when the best of the best athletes climb podiums wearing gold, silver and bronze medals, Las Vegas gamblers could…

That shiny first date newness of Week 1 has worn off and it’s time to settle in for the long grind of the season. Thos…

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Betting the Banner XLVIII

NFL Plays Ball With Gambling Industry

Let The Olympics Gambling Games Begin!

NFL Replacement Officials Affecting Vegas

Fresh off a victory in his state on the path towards legalizing sports betting, New Jersey state Sen. Both sports f…

The Legal Blitz

New Workers’ Incentive Program: March Madness

What’s bigger than watching the big game in your living room? Watching it with several hundred other like-minded fans going crazy play after play! As usual Las Vegas takes everything to the craziest level possible and when Super Bowl Sunday comes it is no exception.

Sucker’s Bet? Cash-Strapped States Double-Down On Gambling

In football, the odds are carefully crafted and discussed. But the odds didn’t take into account the intangibles — in this case, the spirit of Ray Lewis.

New Push To Legalize Sports Betting Could Pay Off

Roger Martin

Betting websites are is reporting on activity leading up to Sunday’s Super Bowl — bets placed not on the actual game but on the length of the national anthem. Raymond Lesniak (D) apparently likes to bet on the underdog. 1188, which if enacted, would reform the regulatory oversight of the multi-billion dollar horse racing industry in the state.

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RJ Bell

Brandi Megan Granett

Amy Chavez

Gambling is on a roll. Sports betting is the most taboo yet pervasive activity among sports fans and grows in popularity exponentially.

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Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. But we’re getting more evidence that it’s Super Bowl big. They report that it will log in between 2:15 and 2:25.

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Members of the Pennsylvania Senate have introduced Senate Bill No. He compares his fight to legalize sports-wagering to David and Goli…

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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. Oddsmakers say ca…

How could the Patriots do so poorly in the expectations game while kicking proverbial butt in the real game? It is because expectations know no bounds.

Now for Something Really Different: Watching the Australian Open Down Under

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Adventures of a Cranky Gambler — NFL Week 2

Online Casinos: Not So Fast

New Jersey State Sen. But here’s the thing, it’s still too early to really know what kind of talent these teams have.

– Las Vegas casinos think this weekend’s NFL games will be the highest-scoring ever thanks to the league’s replacement officials. People went into this weekend knowing for sure that the Denver Broncos would beat the Ravens. Yes, trillion with a T!

Super Bowl: Vegas Style

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Christie Makes Brazen Move To Defy Federal Ban

I had the chance to watch the entire Australian Open in Melbourne on the Australian Prime Network TV. Strange prop bets aren’t uncommon in the world of sports gambling but we hadn’t heard much about …

Do Sports Teams And Casinos Mix?

Mark Cuban is an undeniable idea machine. Reuters estimates one trillion dollars is bet annually on sports worldwide. likes to make big sports bets, but he may have really outdone himself with this one — Mayweather allegedly pla…

Final Four Betting Passes Epic Milestone

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The Symbiotic Relationship Between Sports and Gambling

The New England Patriots and Florida Panthers are seeking financial victories where many states do these days — in casino construction. Betting on the NCAA Tournament has surpass…

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Mark Cuban’s Idea Goes Bust

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Gambling Gains: Another Victory for Sports Betting, in N.J.. But one of his boldest ideas yet may have proven too hot to handle. Centaur, a London-based investment c…

Blayne Davis

A federal judge ruled Friday night that Read More Here


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If you want to play at an online casino site on the Web there are a lot from which you can pick one. There are cases when they obtain a very positive result but there are also situations when they drop huge amounts of money.

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. In this virtual places people are playing casino games throughout the Internet. After you have chosen an online casino you will need to download the required software and then go to the registration page and register. The online casino has a great advantage over the conventional one. But there are persons that do not enjoy to gamble in that way

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How big a joke is Jose Mourinho?

A true mark of champions is how they bounce back from big setbacks early on in the season.

The Gunners won today ! courtesy of a generous winner by Palace player Delaney lol

They must not let this 3-0 beating bother them and they must play their own game – as Jose said, he knows his maths and theres 36 games still left to and plenty of points to take from 36 games to win the league. But one thing that definetely WON’T happen is Manure challenging for the title.

trust me – long way to go yet. Anything can happen.

either way its good to see them off to a poor start to their title defence.

Chelsea are capable of bouncing back though.

City were on steroids today , Chelsea couldn’t handle their eagerness and Aguero was a fecking livewire – Sterling was causing mayhem with his runs and Ivanovic forgot to take off his robe and slippers and put on his chelski kit for the game lol

City fecking CRUSHED them :-D . That said, I said Chelsea would SUCCESSFULY defend the Premier League Title and I stand by my claims.

City though will need to keep this going and bring back the fear factor they had from 2 seasons ago when they were simply demolishing sides for fun, even a 100+ goal scoring LFC were unable to stop them from winning the league….the pressure to win it when City are in that kind of mood is colossal.

People will look back at this point in the season 30 games from now and will be like ‘and we all said Chelsea were finished…lol’

he even had the nerve to talk down City’s win, Jose, by labelling it a ‘fake victory’. lol Read More Here


Transportation Articles | HubPages Politics and Social Issues

The Robben Island Ferry trip to Robben Island remains one of the most popular. The trip on…

by Steven Gomez6 years ago

Many Americans believe they need a car to survive. With no…

by Susan Sullenberger33 hours ago

Grandma took a bus to town because the car was broke down. It can save you money and improve your life.

by James Paterson4 years ago

I had the chance yesterday to test drive a Segway Although it looks awkward and difficult to drive, the Segway Personal Transporter is actually quite easy to master and within a couple of minutes you are riding down…

. While she’s gone Grandpa tries to cook up some pancakes! What kind of trouble is he getting into this time?

by Laura du Toit7 months ago

There are various day trips that a visitor can choose from when visiting the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. Fear in some peoples eyes is an impossible thing to overcome, it causes skateboarders to stop skating, give in and move on to something which at…

by SHAR NOR4 months ago

Applying for a Ugandan Driving Permit or a Drivers license exchange is a process which involves filling in the different forms which are obtained from the URA branches, enacting payments in the bank of choice, going for…

EDITOR’S CHOICEby Deni Edwards3 years ago

DUI checkpoints in California…it’s not about DUIs, it’s more about the money.

by Melanie Shebel2 months ago

A photograph of Titanic’s bow taken in June 2004 public domain It’s a commonly known fact that the Titanic sunk as a result of a collision with an iceberg, but what you might not know is where it sank. by josh xD5 years ago

One of the worst things a skateboarder comes across is fear itself. Where did it sink…

by nycgrl2 years ago

Simple rules for behaving on a public bus

by IzzyM2 years ago

The Glasgow taxi gangster wars started after the some shrewd operators tried to muscle in one the lucrative taxi trade without having the necessary and expensive papers taxi drivers are required to produce. In major American cities, not only is this untrue, but not owning a car may be better for you Read More Here


Chelsea to confirm Roberto Di Matteo as manager

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However, the appointment is said to be announced in the new few days and it will be a positive move for the manager and the club as he will be looking to start a new dynasty at Stamford Bridge if he is given the time to work. The only problem will be if he is allowed to finish what he starts before Abramovich runs out of patience, again.

Di Matteo has reportedly agreed a two-year contract according to both The Sun and the Guardian. Having originally been thought to have rejected a one-year contract offer for lack of security, two-years at least gives the 41-year-old manager a belief that he will not just be keeping the seat warm for Guardiola.

The LMAs chief executive Richard Bevan was quoted by The Sun on the matter saying, He cant do much more than he has done already, in terms of what the Italian manager has left to accomplish.

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Di Matteos record in charge saw him lead the club through 21 matches with only three defeats. Roman Abramovich was thought to also be waiting to attempt a move for former England manager Fabio Capello, but has finally listened to his senior players as well as the League Managers Association:

After failing to find a way to lure former FC Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola out of retirement for the time being, Chelsea will finally give Roberto Di Matteo the chance to lead the club after having already lifted both the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League as just the interim.

Abramovich will now be hoping to secure a return to the top of the English Premier League table. Even with the FA Cup and Champions League victory last season, a sixth place league finish will never be viewed as good enough for the Blues anymore.

Enjoy this article? Receive e-mail alerts when new articles are available. It will take a tactical record like that for the club to be in the hunt for the English title next season, and with the massive signings that Abramovich has made in Marko Marin and Eden Hazard and still is looking to make with more additions, failure to get to the top of the table could see the manager suffer much like those before him. Read More Here


The Refrain ‘Oh, When the Spurs…’ With its Echoes of Glory is Increasingly Reverberating Over American Soil | Ashley Jude Collie

It transcends the actual matches.”

I closed my eyes and thought about the legends who’d already graced the Lane playing football the “Tottenham way” — marvelous Mackay, acrobatic Jennings, the deadly G-men Greaves and Gilzean, exquisite Hoddle and the Argentinian wizard Ardiles. The stuff of dreams.

My primary school teacher Mr. And as Captain Blanchflower once poetically noted, “The game is about glory, it is about doing things in style and with a flourish…”

Tottenham’s homegrown superstar, Harry Kane, all dressed up and ready to go

A Spurs US youth team partner, Tallahassee Tottenham Hotspur FC


One of the Premier League’s most fabled clubs, Tottenham Hotspur, returns to America to play the MLS All-Stars in Denver on July 29, with a portfolio of exciting news. Already one of the best supported English teams here with over 40 supporters groups nationwide, Spurs recently signed a new commercial partnership with Fanatics, a major North American sport merchandise retailer. Oh when the Spurs go marching in.”

The NFL will be playing at Tottenham’s visionary new stadium in 2018

It makes me reflect back on an assignment, when I stood outside Tottenham’s stadium, the almost mystical White Hart Lane on a quiet non-match day in 1987. The Club also announced a “compelling and exciting partnership,” a 10-year deal with the NFL to hold a minimum of two American football matches annually at Tottenham’s new high-tech, stadium in North London. is like being a part of a select club.” And, Phil Crippen concurs, “It’s not easy for ‘fairweather’ fans to get up at 3am to watch English football. The Lane has stood since 1899, and its celebrated pitch is overlooked by a bronze fighting cock, the club’s mascot.

Steffan Chirazi, an expat Londoner who’s a founding member of SF Spurs, passionately recalls his “first” time:


Rolfe Jones, another Brit, who founded LA Spurs which has over 1,200 members, proudly remembers:

Spurs have won more FA Cups than the Steelers, Cowboys and 49ers have won NFL Super Bowl trophies. He spoke about Tottenham’s glory years in the 1960s. It takes time but there must be a greater awareness of what Tottenham is, and can be, for US fans. It still is. Soon would come daft, brilliant Gazza and kinetic Klinsmann, and now Harry “HurriKane” Kane.

Gonzo Spurs’ fan, Steffan Chirazi (c), with mates — “Everywhere we go…”


Follow THFC, LA Spurs, MLS Soccer, The Greyhound Bar, and SF Spurs on Facebook.



I went with a Spurs-supporting Uncle, and as we walked up the stairs in the Park Lane, the wooden stands were thundering to the sounds of “Oh When The Spurs…” — it was deliciously asphyxiating! Then I saw the brilliant white shirts, and it became my friend, my passion, my therapy, my muse, and an extension of who I was. through its global coaching team.”

Spurs’ greatest goalscorer, Jimmy Greaves, with our first European trophy

And newer American Spurs fans are not bandwagonning, as Karin Manwaring says: “I was looking for a Premiership club but not a traditional top-4 club. Wow! Oh do the memories, of what a day that was, live on into eternity.

As our warrior namesake and Shakespeare’s Hotspur once declared: “O, let the hours be short/Till fields and blows and groans applaud our sport…”

On that day of reminiscing, I could hear those echoes of glory rain down on me: “Oh when the Spurs, go marching in. I wanna be in that number. He loved the beautiful game. I had to choose wisely and quickly, and I said ‘Spurs of course, Sir!’ – ‘Good Man!’ He later took us to see Spurs at the Lane on my 9th birthday. I could literally hear the roar of the crowd on FA Cup Final day. Silcox attracted me to Spurs. One day, he asked us all who our team was. The stadium, which opens in summer 2018, promises to deliver “an unrivalled fan experience… Not only is Tottenham increasing our fan base but it’s also sponsoring youth soccer programs across the U.S. After all, it’s us fans who are the ticking heart and vital lifeblood of any sports team.

Ashley Jude Collie is an unabashed, lifelong supporter of all things Spurs.

Then I remembered the stories of on-field achievements, including: led by inspirational captain Danny Blanchflower, Spurs were the first English team to win the FA Cup and League double in the 20th century and then the first British team to win a European trophy; English football’s greatest goalscorer, Jimmy Greaves, effortlessly gliding (like Messi today) through the whole Man-U defense to help Spurs win 5-1 in 1965; Ricky Villa leaving defenders on their backsides as he scored that memorable winning goal in the 1981 FA Cup final replay. But it’s an investment that pays off in the ‘cultish’ nature of the Spurs supporter brother and sisterhood. No fun! Some of the first friends I made watching games were Spurs fans. Chirazi suggests:. Golazo!

Legend’s Night with Ossie Ardiles and LA Spurs’ Rolfe Jones


But it’s not just about all the young dudes, as there’s increasing numbers of female Spurs fans like Eliana Fu, another expat now in Las Vegas, who vividly recalls:

As kids we played football in a field near Wembley. We are class, we are history, we Dare to Do!



Overall, Chirazi applauds the work THFC has done here, suggesting, “Their presentation of ‘legends’ over the years, starting with our own SF Spurs/Ossie Ardiles night, has been revolutionary, something no other club does.” While LA’s Jones adds, “The Club’s breaking down barriers. I think our Club’s history and our profile today could be publicly dovetailed far more. in our birthplace of Tottenham.”

Bring it on, because the game is afoot!

Posh Spurs — Karin Manwaring and Eliana Fu at LA Spurs local, The Greyhound Bar

But there are opportunities to do even more promotion and better licensee merchandising. Captain courageous Dave Mackay hoists FA Cup — “Oh, when the Spurs…”

Americans love to see the swashbucklers, the entertainers — America Read More Here


Top 40 Muslim Football Players

This article lists those who play in competitive leagues, like the English premier leagus, Spanish Laliga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and French League 1. There are so many talented players who didn’t make this list, and there is healthy debate and discussion over any sort of list like this. While fans only truly care about how players perform, it can be insightful to learn about a player’s personal life and choices. What do you think? Are these the top Muslim football players in the world?

Without a doubt, there are hundreds of Muslim footballers out there. I know religion isnt important in football or baseball or any other sport (its performance that matters), but it doesnt hurt to know which of the world’s famous soccer players are Muslim.. There is speculation that Robin Van Persie, Thierry Henry and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are Muslim, but I do not include them in this list because they have not confirmed that they follow the Islamic faith.

Many football fans across the world wonder which footballers in the top European Leagues are Muslim Read More Here


United-bound star Di Maria says his Real goodbyes.

All rights reserved.

“That is what the club has been built on for the last 10 to 15

years – being able to get from box to box quickly, being able to spring

on teams, having people that can dribble and are quick in the final

third. It has been reported that the fee for the

26-yearold would eclipse the British record set by Fernando Torres’

PS50million move from Liverpool to Chelsea in 2011.

Former United captain Gary Neville believes Di Maria would

“fit the bill” for the Red Devils.

The Italian coach added: “I have personally had a good

relationship with him and did a fantastic job here. .

Angel Di Maria is set to depart Real Madrid

“It was his decision to leave because the club did everything

possible for him to stay by offering everything to him to stay.”


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.


Copyright 2014 Gale, Cengage Learning. This fits the bill if they

can get Di Maria.

“The fans say a central midfielder or a centre-back is needed

more, but I don’t see any difference with a winger in that they

need all three.

Ancelotti said: “He has come and has not practised. “They have Adnan Januzaj but they really have lost that


Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has already signed Di

Maria’s international team-mate Marcos Rojo this summer, while the

club have also brought in another defender in England’s Luke Shaw

and Spanish midfielder Ander Herrera.

Real boss Carlo Ancelotti, who revealed earlier this week that Di

Maria had told the club he wanted to leave and rejected the offer of a

new contract, said the Argentina winger had not taken part in training

on Sunday but had instead “come to say goodbye”.

Neville told Sky Sports: “He can run and Manchester United

haven’t got any pace in wide areas. It is incredible.

“We gave thanks for what he has done for this club and wish

him luck for the future. It’s

not official yet, but he came to say goodbye.

“This is the first part of that – the correct signing, if they

can get him.”

United have not made any official comment on reports that they are

ready to sign Di Maria. It is not official, but it is solved.

ANGEL di Maria has bid farewell to his Real Madrid teammates as a

possible move to Manchester United moves closer.

“Last year the signings didn’t fit the bill for me in

terms of what United are and the philosophy Read More Here


Robben Ford talks Butterfield, blues and breaking in SGs

He was always saying my name and really promoting me on the bandstand, which was very cool.

When did you start fusing jazz into your blues playing?

Do you remember the first blues songs you ever heard, and the effect they had on you?

And then everybody else started appearing; suddenly, theres Albert King and heres Albert Collins. Its really a collaboration and I like working that way.

Be my guest

Will Ireland/Future

Within a short period of time, I had an experience where I was playing with Charlie Musselwhite; I was 19 and we were on the same bill with Larry Coryell and his trio in Los Angeles. I have found a way for myself personally to focus all these influences. Hes a great player and I was really happy to have both him and Keb Mo on the same song [Justified]. As a blues singer, he was just fantastic and he had so much personality. Its meant to tell you something, so whats important is the sound of the voice and the way in which you say the things youre trying to say.

Into The Sun, released earlier this year, is an album of which Robben is rightly very proud. Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, KISS, Dizzy Gillespie, Georgie Fame and Jimmy Witherspoon are just a few of the legends who have called on Robbens services.

You were still a teenager when you toured with Charlie Musselwhite and then Jimmy Witherspoon. Theyve played R&B, theyve played jazz and theyve played in rock bands.

I wanted it to be a record that was clearly made today and that couldnt have been made yesterday

Versatility is really important for me, I need guys who can really play in a variety of styles and then everything comes together into one package. For such a simple form, there are so many different voices. Why do you think that is?

Then Rose Of Sharon was recorded live with my Gibson [B-25] acoustic guitar and the electric was overdubbed after the fact. Charlie was playing very straight-up Chicago blues, which I was already into, but, quite frankly, I wanted to become a jazz player. Theres a song called Rainbow Cover where the Telecaster is just playing the riff and chords throughout, but most of what you hear on this record is acoustic guitar and [Hammond] B-3 as the kind of underpinning and then the electric guitars riffing over the top. You have to have something to walk on and thats American music.

What guitars were you using when you recorded Into The Sun?

I believe its generally inadvisable to record with effects, because theres a possibility that you might want to change the sounds and so Ive got into the habit of recording without effects pretty much all the time.

Mussel’d in

Will Ireland/Future

That was good news for me, because the Talk To Your Daughter album had already been recorded and when I released that [1988], it was nominated for a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Recording.

Im never sure what kind of cake were going to make because an albums a product of everybodys input. Thats a first for me, using the acoustic guitar that much.

Did you use any effects?

He was so wonderful and was like 40 – a young, strong, powerful, great man. Between posing for photos and treating us to a fascinating video tutorial, Robben takes a pew to tell us all about his new guest-studded long player and answer a few questions about the blues.

I realised that it sounded like Miles Daviss music to me, so that was a cool revelation and it basically opened up the world of the II-V-I progression, which is basically jazz in a nutshell. I asked him what all that out stuff was that he was playing – the things that I couldnt understand!

There are some fantastic guests on the album, including Warren Haynes, Sonny Landreth, Keb Mo and Robert Randolph. I also have a 64 SG, which I used on a few songs.

Theres actually very little in the way of electric rhythm guitar on the record

Theres actually very little in the way of electric rhythm guitar on the record. What did you learn about blues from those guys?

Robben Ford opens up about blues ruts, seeing BB King for the first time and why hes so happy with his new album, Into The Sun

Ford has always defied categorisation. Ive heard all of these people live and I was within 10 feet of every one of them, man! They were brilliant!

Blues futures

How far would you say there are common ruts players fall into when it comes to blues?


Will Ireland/Future

Oh yeah. I literally cut everything on the record with that except for one or two songs that I cut deliberately with the 1960 Telecaster that Ive been playing the heck out of for many years now.

Youve recently been quoted as saying your new album, Into The Sun, is one of your favourite recordings. And the band that I currently have seemed particularly suited for it as well because theyre very versatile. As well as featuring an ace core band of musicians – with Brian Allen on bass, Wes Little on drums and Jim Cox on keys – the record also showcases some jawdropping guest stars.

Into the sun

Will Ireland/Future

I wanted it to sound modern. It was incredible how intense it was compared to everything that Id heard up to that point. ZZ Ward and Tyler Bryant were recommended by management, so I checked them both out on YouTube and I liked what I saw.

Did you have a vision for the record?

Number one is tone and number two is phrasing. But suddenly, Stevie Ray Vaughan arrived on the scene and Robert Cray started getting attention and then John Lee Hooker was suddenly a star.

In addition, his tutorial books, videos and DVDs have helped teach generations of six-stringers how to Read More Here


Fox Axes Host in Ad Boycott Over Soccer Stadium Deaths

It remains unclear exactly why Cohen was replaced. The move came after a months-long advertising boycott called for by fans of Liverpool F.C.Cohen lost at least four sponsors of his Sirius XM radio show, World Soccer Daily, in the boycott. While there were a small number of ticketless fans there that fateful day, my closer reading of the Taylor report leads me to believe that the incident could have occurred regardless of their presence.Cohen did not respond to a message requesting comment. Some of the biggest advertisers in the game – Heineken, FourFourTwo ” have pulled their support of him and now FSC, the biggest broadcaster of soccer in the USA has done the same.

BNET’s previous coverage of football advertising:

2009 CBS Interactive Inc.. The fans, and a government inquiry, say few unticketed fans attended the game and that a badly designed stadium and miscommunications among officials led to the deaths.

Among the sponsors siding with the fans were Heineken, FourFourTwo magazine, the Fado pub chain and Ruffneck Wear. Those claims were incorrect and obviously hurtful to the victims of the tragedy. Here are the possible scenarios:

Fox wanted to placate advertisers who felt his presence distracted from the show, particulary in the run-up to the World Cup in 2010.Fox felt Cohen would have difficulty getting Chelsea players on the show following the club’s abandonment of Cohen, or that the spat harmed relations between Fox and the English Premier League, upon whom it depends for live game broadcasts.Cohen, as an owner of World Soccer Daily, which has contractual agreements with Fox, has removed himself from the spotlight in order to put the controversy behind him.A statement from the Liverpool New York supporters’ club said:Steven Cohen chose to lie and smear the 96 Liverpool fans who died tragically at Hillsborough in 1989, seeing their deaths as a way to boost his ratings by denigrating them. All Rights Reserved. Cohen’s removal from the show came despite a combative apology and a correction he gave on July 16. … It said:

I made a series of claims that were incorrect. national team star, according to USA Today’s soccer blog.

Last Updated Jul 29, 2009 3:52 PM EDT

Steven Cohen, the Fox Soccer Channel personality, has been replaced as a host of Fox Football Fone-In by Eric Wynalda, the former U.S. USA Today said “Neither Wynalda nor Dermot McQuarrie, FSC’s senior VP of production and programming and assistant general manager, would comment on Cohen or the Liverpool controversy.”

Fox’s press release on the personnel change doesn’t mention Cohen. I claimed on air there were 6 to 8 thousand ticketless fans and I also claimed those fans were the main cause of the tragedy. FSC, like many others in the football world have realized just how toxic Steven Cohen and his odious lies are. More recently, Chelsea F.C. disowned Cohen, even though he is a longtime fan of the club.. Steven Cohen now finds himself in the position of being rejected by those in football whose opinions matter.

… Liverpool supporters urged the blacklist after Cohen said on his radio show that unticketed Liverpool fans were to blame for 96 deaths in a crush at the Hillsborough stadium in 1989 Read More Here


Football’s Biggest Wins and Highest Scoring Matches.

They were ranked 203rd best out of 203 nations. The manger was subsequently suspended by the Madagascar football federation for three years, while SOE players Mamisoa Razafindrakoto, Manitranirinana Andrianiaina, Nicolas Rakotoarimanana, and Dominique Rakotonandrasana were suspended until the end of the 2002 season.. As Adema 149-0 SOE Antananarivo

If you were under the impression that it would be impossible to score 149 goals in a 90 minute match you would be correct. Their invitation was meant to go to Orion FC, who wouldn’t have beaten Arbroath (in fact Orion faced Bon Accord’s opponents two years later and lost 18-0) but at least they played the same sport as them. In fact, the victory could have been by a much greater margin had the referee, Dave Storment, not chalked off 7 goals for offside. Arbroath 36-0 Bon Accord.

36-0 is a cricket score, which is appropriate considering Bon Accord were a cricket team who had been entered into the Scottish Football Cup by mistake. The match between AS Adema and SOE, however, should be taken with a pinch of salt, as the extraordinary result only came about as a result of a strange protest.

12th September 1885. During the 2009-2010 Barclays English Premier League season, eventual champions Chelsea put 7 past Stoke, Aston Villa, and Sunderland, and 8 past Wigan (who also lost 9-1 to Tottenham Hotspur). Australia, who had just beaten Tonga 22-0. Dundee Harp 35-0 Aberdeen Rovers. Despite scoring 73 goals in the qualifiers, they were defeated 3-1 in a playoff against Uruguay, missing out on an a place at the 2002 World Cup in Japan/South Korea.

31st October 2002. It is not as impossible, however, to score 149 own goals which Malagsy club SOE proved during a match against AS Adema in the TBH Champions League in 2002. Their manager, Ratismandresy Ratsarazaka, in a bizzare protest against decisions that had cost his team the league, had ordered his players to repeatedly fire shots into their own net from the kickoff. The majority of their national team had just been declared ineligible by FIFA over passport issues, and they were unable to call up their under 20 players to replace them, as most of them were sitting highschool exams. For some reason, the referee didn’t abandon the game, and the players kept this up relentlessly for the entire match. Is it unsporting behavior to run up the score against inferior opposition? In Chelsea’s case, it was easy to justify, as goal difference could have been the difference between them winning and not winning the league. Unterhaching’s David Zdrilic got 8 goals. The following is a list of the highest winning margins of all time. That came against the mighty Wallis and Futuna in 1983. Results like these are horrible for fans of the losing team, but are peversely enjoyable for the neutral. Archie Thompson equalled John Petrie’s world record with 13 (he would have broken it but for a disallowed goal). They effectively had to play with a third choice eleven, which had an average age of 18 and included two 15 year olds. Public Domain.” data-credit-link=”” src=”” title=”Arbroath 1885″/Every now and again football throws up some terribly one-sided matches. But it wasn’t a victory to be proud of. Incredibly, on the exact same day and only 18 miles away, Dundee Harp defeated Aberdeen Rovers 35-0. 18-year-old John Petrie scored 13 of those 36 (still a record for a single match) while Jim Milne Jr, Bon Accord’s goalkeeper, spent most of the match trying to avoid the rain underneath an umbrella. Australia, who were ranked 128 places above them. It is harder to support such practice in cup matches, as was the case in three of the games below. In a pre-season friendly in 2009, Spanish side Villareal beat third division Navata 27-0. ‘I’ve got to tell you they are woeful’, said David Smith, their Australian liason officer, ‘the reserves of a seventh division amateur side would beat them.’ And their opponents were Australia. Part of you wants them to stop, while another part wants them to continue to tear them apart. As Samoa’s coach Lui noted, ‘We don’t know what Australia were trying to prove scoring all those goals.’ In the end, Australia’s massive win didn’t do them any good. Australia 31-0 American Samoa.

In American Samoa’s entire history as an international football team they had managed only one victory. The referee had originally counted 37 goals, but Dundee insisted they had only scored 35, an act of honesty they were to regret upon hearing the result of Arbroath’s match.

11th April 2001. Sources

Sunday Herald, The, Jan 19, 2003 by Natasha Woods

Guardian, The, November 29, 2002

Telegraph, The, April 14, 2001 by Mark Jeffreys

Arbroath 1885Read More Here


Arsene Wenger targets German Duo Mario Goetze and Lukas Podolski for Arsenal – National Soccer

The versatile forward can play as a lead striker, center forward or on the left side and would give the Gunners all the more options up front to support Van Persie.

Goetze would be continuing the youth buying policy for Wenger but at an estimated 35 million transfer valuation according to TalkSport there is belief that his is definitely a high profile signing that the club and fans would approve of for the future.

The first signing is thought to be the addition of Borussia Dortmunds Mario Goetze. The Daily Mirror claims that no matter what the Dutch attacker will not be sold, but we have heard that about important players before and they have still moved on.

Despite the rumors from TalkSport that the Gunners planned targets for the summer are: Montpellier forward Olivier Giroud at 17 million. The 19-year-old Germany sensation has been labeled the Lionel Messi of his nations young generation and is one of the most promising prospects in European football. Belgian side Anderlecht midfielder Lucas Biglia is next at 6.6 million, Youssef Msakni from Esperance for 2.5 million, Ajax captain Jan Vertonghen for 10 million and lastly FC Portos 18 million rated Uruguayan wing back Alvaro Pereira.

Wenger also plans to add to the experience and talent of Goetzes fellow German international Lukas Podolski. The former Bayern Munich forward returned to his home town club of FC Cologne several seasons ago after failing to make an impact for the Bavarian side in the Bundesliga.

However, it now looks like that massive war chest could be used for the funding of only two major transfers.

In what has been his career season he is now being linked with a 20 million transfer to Arsenal. His level of value is right in line with that of Tottenham target Eden Hazard.

While his international career with Germany took off in his early 20s Podolskis German league career was nothing but season after season of frustration until the last year when he fired 13 goals for Cologne in 2010-11.

Arsenal were rumored to be in line for a massive five player 55 million summer spending spree for five new players in order to help convince star striker Robin Van Persie not to leave the club at the end of the current campaign.

The 26-year-old looks to finally have found his form in the league as he leads his club with 15 goals in the Bundesliga already eclipsing his total of last season and is tied with the second highest total in the league as well as contributing another four assists which ties his total in that category from last season. Read More Here