Sports Betting

– New Jersey will defy a federal ban and let people bet on the outcomes of football, basketball and other games this fall, Gov. ho-hu…

Here’s something for workers to cheer about: All the betting pools, glances at score updates and coffee chatter about the NCAA Tournament are good for…

Sports betting is booming. Raymond Lesniak pledged Tuesday to take the figh…

Adventures of a Cranky Gambler — NFL Week 1

Legal Sports Betting Blocked In New Jersey

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Come summer 2016, when the best of the best athletes climb podiums wearing gold, silver and bronze medals, Las Vegas gamblers could…

That shiny first date newness of Week 1 has worn off and it’s time to settle in for the long grind of the season. Thos…

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Betting the Banner XLVIII

NFL Plays Ball With Gambling Industry

Let The Olympics Gambling Games Begin!

NFL Replacement Officials Affecting Vegas

Fresh off a victory in his state on the path towards legalizing sports betting, New Jersey state Sen. Both sports f…

The Legal Blitz

New Workers’ Incentive Program: March Madness

What’s bigger than watching the big game in your living room? Watching it with several hundred other like-minded fans going crazy play after play! As usual Las Vegas takes everything to the craziest level possible and when Super Bowl Sunday comes it is no exception.

Sucker’s Bet? Cash-Strapped States Double-Down On Gambling

In football, the odds are carefully crafted and discussed. But the odds didn’t take into account the intangibles — in this case, the spirit of Ray Lewis.

New Push To Legalize Sports Betting Could Pay Off

Roger Martin

Betting websites are is reporting on activity leading up to Sunday’s Super Bowl — bets placed not on the actual game but on the length of the national anthem. Raymond Lesniak (D) apparently likes to bet on the underdog. 1188, which if enacted, would reform the regulatory oversight of the multi-billion dollar horse racing industry in the state.

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RJ Bell

Brandi Megan Granett

Amy Chavez

Gambling is on a roll. Sports betting is the most taboo yet pervasive activity among sports fans and grows in popularity exponentially.

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Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. But we’re getting more evidence that it’s Super Bowl big. They report that it will log in between 2:15 and 2:25.

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Members of the Pennsylvania Senate have introduced Senate Bill No. He compares his fight to legalize sports-wagering to David and Goli…

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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. Oddsmakers say ca…

How could the Patriots do so poorly in the expectations game while kicking proverbial butt in the real game? It is because expectations know no bounds.

Now for Something Really Different: Watching the Australian Open Down Under

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Adventures of a Cranky Gambler — NFL Week 2

Online Casinos: Not So Fast

New Jersey State Sen. But here’s the thing, it’s still too early to really know what kind of talent these teams have.

– Las Vegas casinos think this weekend’s NFL games will be the highest-scoring ever thanks to the league’s replacement officials. People went into this weekend knowing for sure that the Denver Broncos would beat the Ravens. Yes, trillion with a T!

Super Bowl: Vegas Style

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Christie Makes Brazen Move To Defy Federal Ban

I had the chance to watch the entire Australian Open in Melbourne on the Australian Prime Network TV. Strange prop bets aren’t uncommon in the world of sports gambling but we hadn’t heard much about …

Do Sports Teams And Casinos Mix?

Mark Cuban is an undeniable idea machine. Reuters estimates one trillion dollars is bet annually on sports worldwide. likes to make big sports bets, but he may have really outdone himself with this one — Mayweather allegedly pla…

Final Four Betting Passes Epic Milestone

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The Symbiotic Relationship Between Sports and Gambling

The New England Patriots and Florida Panthers are seeking financial victories where many states do these days — in casino construction. Betting on the NCAA Tournament has surpass…

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Mark Cuban’s Idea Goes Bust

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Gambling Gains: Another Victory for Sports Betting, in N.J.. But one of his boldest ideas yet may have proven too hot to handle. Centaur, a London-based investment c…

Blayne Davis

A federal judge ruled Friday night that New Jersey cannot partially lift a prohibition on sports betting in an effort to boost its struggling horse ra…

Did Floyd Mayweather Really Bet $10 Million On Broncos Super Bowl Win?

Usually, after the long off-season wait I dive in to my bets with wild abandon and get my ass kicked right out of the gate, but this year I actually got off to a pretty good start.

Steve Belanger

Steve Belanger

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Why Chasing Expectations Is a Fool’s Errand

Why I Watch Football

Susanne Mentzer

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Jeremy Kintigh

Sports Betting Has a Chance to Step Into the Sunlight

Despite the NFL’s vocal opposition to betting on its games, the league’s move to allow teams to accept casino ads has generated a great, big … This was a real eye-opener as to what really goes on in Australian sports.

For millions of Americans, the mere mention of football season triggers sweaty palms and stomach churning.

Gamblers really are willing to bet on anything… C…

We knew that betting on March Madness was big. Faced with mounting budget deficits, more states are expanding gambling options and loosening restrictions in a grab for revenu…

Senator Weighs In on New Internet Betting and Horse Racing Bill

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Chewy Luis Was A Safe Bet After All

The Justice Department may have paved the way for Internet gambling, but that doesn’t mean everything will come up aces for online poker players

How to Teach the Hebrew Aleph Bet

We talk about it and then put the newest Hebrew aleph bet letter back into the pile and repeat the process.

Every week after I teach the children their Hebrew letter of the week, they color a pagewhile I read the story of the letter from The Aleph Bet Story Book by Deborah Pessin. Then they “flash” you the answer.

Aleph Bet Yoga

By using these fun strategies to teach the Hebrew aleph bet to children, your students will master their new letter each week.

In addition, I also have the children act out Hebrew vocabulary that they have learned.  They create their own poses and it is interesting to see how they interpret a word.

Young children cannot sit still and learn…they need to move!  Using the book Alef-Bet Yoga for Kids, my students learn a new letter each week.  We stretch, I teach them how to breathe, and then we review the letters we have previously learned.

Another way to teach the Hebrew aleph bet is to use manipulatives that match the sound the letter makes. Chances are, most children are not at home practicing their letters between classes. I put piles in front of each group of children, and they have to work together to put the aleph bet in order. First, my students go through the letters we have already learned by saying the letter and the sound it makes.

Flash Cards

Using Manipulatives

If you are going to teach the Hebrew aleph bet to children, you to have to make it fun. You are only limited by your imagination. You can find more at

You can also use small dry erase boards or Doodle Pros to help children learn the aleph bet. There is a lot of supplemental material that you can purchase to augment the materials you are given to use.

At, you can download flashcards for each letter of the Hebrew aleph bet. It is easy to check and see which children get it quickly and who needs some help.

Each synagogue has it’s own books that they purchase for their teachers to teach the Hebrew aleph bet. I ask the children to make the letter that I say, or say a sound and make the letter of the sound I say. You can use marshmallows for “mem”, pasta shells for “shin” or candy Dots for “dalet”. I buy the small party favor sized containers, typically on sale the day after Halloween in Target and Walmart. For example, to teach the letter “bet”, the children can make a bet with buttons. We applaud the child who wants to do this and then someone else gets a turn. Each Sunday in class, we use these flashcards for review and to learn the newest letter. Always be sure that there are no food allergies before you pick a certain food.


You can also use Playdoh to teach the Hebrew aleph bet. For older children, you can have them use these magnets to make words.

To help the children remember these letters, I teach them mneumonic ways to remember. Help is given as needed. For example, “bet” has a belly button, “pay” has a point, “caf” has a cough drop. We do this a few times and then I introduce the newest letter. This way, the children see the letter, touch the letter, and hear a story about the letter. By teaching the Hebrew aleph bet in a way that differs from how their elementary school teacher approaches reading, you are setting the children up for success.

Finally, I finish this activity to teach the Hebrew aleph bet by asking if anyone wants to be a “big brave dog” (as opposed to a scaredy cat). Children can glue these items to an index card or a piece of construction paper. This makes learning a multi-sensory experience.

. First and second grade Sunday School children have a long and busy week when they are not  with you. Say the letter and have the children write the name of the letter of the board. No one is forced to do this.

One of my favorite ways to teach the aleph bet is to use magnets in the shape of the Hebrew aleph bet, just like the ones we have for our English ABCs. The child stands up and goes through each card as I show it to them

Sports bar may become sports book if Vegas scores a big bet in New Jersey

And that could be a game changer for anyone in New Jersey who likes to have a little action on their favorite team.

Unfortunately for would-be bettors, not everyone is enamored with the idea of sports betting. Chris Christie signed a bill into law approving sports betting, only to see it derailed in court because it conflicts with federal law.

“Obviously we read with great interest Commissioner Silver’s comments,” said Asher, whose company runs more than 100 locations in Nevada and 2,400 shops in the United Kingdom. “I hope that signals a re-evaluation of what is obviously a mindset that does not comport with 21st Century reality.”

Asher says that if sports betting is allowed in New Jersey it could dwarf the $3.6 billion that was wagered legally on sports last year in Nevada, opening up an entire new industry on the East Coast. Lawyers for the four leagues and the NCAA will argue Oct. There’s no shortage of sports fans in the New Jersey/New York area, and bookmakers believe they will line up from opening day on with fistfuls of cash to wager on games.

For now, though, the NBA and the other major sports leagues are lining up against betting in New Jersey.

Right now all they’re selling at the sports bar at Monmouth are food and drinks. Betting is limited to the expected finishing position of the horses on the track.

The William Hill Race and Sports Bar would become the William Hill Race and Sports Book. Depending on how a judge rules, it could soon become the first fully functioning — and fully legal — sports book in the country outside of Nevada.

Should the door open in New Jersey, though, other states will surely follow, much the way they did when Atlantic City became the first place outside of Las Vegas to legalize casino gambling. And last month NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said at a business conference that he was not opposed to the idea of sports betting and expected his league to participate in it at some point

It might not be long, though, before you can order an NFL three-teamer to go with that trifecta on the ponies.

There are some signs that even that may be changing. It might even help rescue Atlantic City casinos that are struggling to attract customers in the wake of casino expansion around the country.

Mostly empty now except on racing weekends at the horse track little more than an hour from Manhattan, it may not stay empty long. They’re stuck in the past, still believing that betting on sports draws undesirables and is somehow a threat to the integrity of the games themselves. “This is a very sizeable market.”

There’s a brand new sports bar at Monmouth Park with televisions hanging from nearly every available rafter.. 31 before U.S. Daily fantasy sports wagering is exploding online thanks to a loophole in the federal law, and looks very similar to sports betting.

And the sharp guys from Vegas are poised, ready to jump in when they get the word.

“We’re built out and ready to go,” said Joe Asher, who heads operations for betting giant William Hill U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp that the injunction he issued last year upholding the ban should stay in place despite Christie’s announcement that the state would not be involved in regulating the betting.

But now the issue is back before a federal judge, and all bets are off. Gov. The online market could explode, much like it is in Nevada where 36 percent of William Hill’s handle comes through bets on its mobile app.

Of that, there is little doubt. An end-run around the federal prohibition of sports betting in all but four states is once again in play.

The NFL, meanwhile, holds games every year in London where there are betting parlors on every block offering a line on the action. They don’t understand that it’s a lot easier to monitor betting trends in legal books than with an illegal bookmaker operating out of a corner bar.

“I believe the New Jersey market once fully up and going would be at least three times the Nevada market,” Asher said. “This is an area with some of the most storied franchises in American sports where billions of dollars are already bet on sports illegally.”

New Jersey residents want it, voting overwhelmingly in 2011 to permit sports betting at race tracks and casinos

Casino-Gaming :: Enter In to The Amazing World Of On-line Gambling and Enjoy Your self

If you want to play at an online casino site on the Web there are a lot from which you can pick one. There are cases when they obtain a very positive result but there are also situations when they drop huge amounts of money.

The Internet casino is the online version of the land-based casino. But such players enjoy to play the game just for fun. But there are some people who like to invest extremely large amounts of money into the casino games. But not every one likes to gamble on the World wide web. The great thing is you don’t have to be concerned when you play them that you will loose important amounts of money. On the Internet there are two types of casinos: the web-based and the download only casino. It offers a much larger variety of games. In the end it doesn’t matter whether you play casino games on line or at a traditional one. Many are enjoying to play casino games with small amounts of money.

You can choose to play some of the most popular casino games such as slot machines, roulette, baccarat, craps and blackjack. In order to know that you have to do some research. But the main issue with this type of venues is the fact that they are not very accessible. After you have managed to complete all of this steps you are ready to get into the exciting and unique world of online casino gambling.

On the Net you can discover many websites that are giving you the opportunity to play free casino games. The most important thing is to have fun.

The best thing about this is if it happens to loose a match you have lost just a few bucks. Before you choose an online casino first you have to find out which are some of the most popular. They are only entering online casino web sites where the games are played for real money. Many enjoy to play casino games at a land based casino. Beside being the most popular they are also some of the best casino games. They enjoy a lot the feeling and thrill that gambling produces. With out a doubt that the online casino is a terrific entertainment tool. The situation with the online casino is that it offers playback percentages and odds which can be easily compared to those which are given at a traditional casino.

. In this virtual places people are playing casino games throughout the Internet. After you have chosen an online casino you will need to download the required software and then go to the registration page and register. The online casino has a great advantage over the conventional one. But there are persons that do not enjoy to gamble in that way

Online Gambling Coming to America and to HTML5

If you’d like, you can explain your choice in the comments below.

“While it is not really state of the art per se, the use of HTML5, and using mobile as another platform which players can use to access the same games that they would on their desktop of laptop is hugely important,” says Gallo. Lohse was a speaker on the panel Pros and Cons: Indian Country Online.

What do you think of this story?

Real money online gaming went live at the end of October in Delaware. It is similar to an airline’s frequent flyer model.”

Online gambling is becoming legal in states such as Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. They can do this legally because the rewards they give out are not tied to winning of losing, but rather the purchasing of virtual chips.

Be and editor! Choose an option below:

Gallo and Lohse each spoke in September at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E), held at the Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas. It will interesting to see how the market will fare. The conversion of those player into real money gamblers is very low.”

In the United States, efforts are underway to bring online gaming to the country’s most populous state. “Nevada was first with poker. Flash technology is on the way out, replaced by a new technology standard that will work across more platforms and doesn’t require purchasing native software through App stores. “G2E is the Superbowl of the gaming industry,” says Gallo who chaired the Social Gaming Technology: Building a Winner panel there. They’re testing the waters with free game apps on iPhones, Android or web-based HTML5.

One of the biggest makers of white label mobile gaming technology is IGT, a company that’s also the biggest maker of slot machines in the United States. “As more and more people use their mobile devices for the majority of their computing needs, it’s only natural that the game developers build the games for every available platform. So it’s really incumbent upon the gaming interests in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey to engage in discussions with California’s tribes in order to open up what has been a closed house on this coast.”

Exclusive interviews with California Tribal Business Alliance vice chair Leslie Lohse and Peak Gaming Group president Rob Gallo

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Gosh!TV) 2013/11/2 – “Online gaming has the capacity to really change the way gaming is conducted in the U.S.,” says California Tribal Business Alliance vice chair Leslie Lohse. “Otherwise the funding capacity and the number of players needed to move a strong, consistent game, just isn’t there. Indian gaming in California is some of the most regulated and successful gaming in the country. They have never developed a desktop version of their platform, and are delivering great quality mobile gaming content for some of the big name casino brands in the European market.”

Big changes are coming in online game technology. “The few states that are ready to launch online gaming really need California to activate in order for it to be viable,” says Lohse. I believe California may open the door to iPoker, to gauge the market and begin to identify business partners with like-minded goals. HTML5, an extension of Javascript, enables games to be played directly from web browsers whether on phones or desktops. Many online gaming companies are based in the UK, where online gambling has been legal and regulated for years. Bingogodz is licensed in the British Channel Islands by the The Alderney Gambling Control Commission.. Online gaming company Bingogodz is using IGT’s bingo games for money games. As the president of Peak Gaming Group my focus is to act as a translator between land-based casinos and the online gaming platform providers of both real money and social casino games. One company in the online real money gaming space that deals exclusively on mobile is Probability out of the UK. “It will be the first state to allow online casino games,” says Gallo. IGT is licensing their online gaming technology to a casino in Delaware, the first state to offer legalized online gambling, and has already licensed its games in other countries. It should be the model that sets the standard for developing this industry.”

Gallo will be speaking at the Raving’s Indian Gaming National Marketing Conference on January 27th to 29th at the Morongo Casino Resort Spa in Cabazon, California.

Select one of the options below. Gaming software developers are scrambling to master this new technology.

“MGM International is doing a fantastic job with their myVegas social gaming platform,” says Peak Gaming Group president Rob Gallo. However, smart casino operators haven’t waited for legalization of money games before getting online. “We are protecting the thousands of tribal members who rely on their tribe’s brick-and-mortar casino for their livelihood. Your feedback will help tell CNN producers what to do with this iReport. “The game allows players to earn rewards that can be redeemed at many of their land-based casinos. Social casino games by their very nature attach a different type of clientele

Littlewoods Gaming Launches Online Bingo Using Parlay Entertainment Technology.

(TSX VENTURE:PEI), the world’s leading supplier of Internet bingo solutions, is pleased to announce that Littlewoods Gaming has launched on the St. Minver supplies fully managed white label gaming solutions to the European marketplace, and licenses its bingo technology from Parlay Entertainment.

“Bingo players want to have fun with brands they know and trust. There is significant risk that predictions and other forward-looking statements will not prove to be accurate. We are proud of our strong partnership with St. It has grown to become one of the most recognizable gaming and betting brands in the United Kingdom.

The TSX Venture Exchange does not accept any responsibility for th e adequacy or accuracy of this release.

About Parlay Entertainment

COPYRIGHT 2006 Business Wire

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Parlay Entertainment Inc. Our multi-player, multi-platform technology is used to power more online bingo sites than any other software provider in the world. All rights reserved. Today Littlewoods Gaming has over 1.7 million customers and provides a wide portfolio of Littlewoods branded gaming and betting opportunities, including football pools, spot the ball, lucky numbers, lottery scratchcard games, fixed odds betting, casino and poker play. For more information, visit

About Sportech PLC

The addition of online bingo is a logical extension to Littlewood’s suite of gaming products, and it marks the first time that Littlewoods Gaming will specifically target the growing market of young, female online gamers.

Parlay Entertainment Inc. Sportech PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Minver is a leading European turn-key supplier of online gaming solutions, delivering fully managed white label gaming channels to high profile customers including Yahoo! Games,, Wanadoo and Virgin Games. (TSX VENTURE:PEI). Minver Bingo Network. Minver Bingo Network.

Parlay Entertainment Inc. Minver offers its partners a full suite of casino, bingo and poker games. Parlay is headquartered in Oakville, Canada with offices in Bridgetown, Barbados and Valletta, Malta.

Sportech PLC provides a variety of betting and gaming opportunities to over 1.7 million customers through its betting and gaming brand, Littlewoods Gaming. By leveraging the Littlewoods brand, we aim to broaden the Company’s reach into the marketplace and look to establish as a leading UK bingo website,” commented Ian Penrose, CEO of Sportech PLC, the parent company of Littlewoods Gaming.

Sportech PLC is continually developing access to its gaming products through a network of channels including Internet, telephone, post and a UK network of collectors who visit customers in their homes. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements as a number of factors could cause actual future results, conditions, actions or events to differ materially from the targets, expectations, estimates or intentions expressed in the forward-looking statements.

(C) 2006 by Parlay Entertainment Inc.

Peter Trinz, Senior Vice President of Parlay Entertainment, said, “Littlewoods Gaming is just the latest high-profile brand to join the St. Parlay has an eight year proven track record built on the success of our clients: In 2005, more than 2.8 million players wagered nearly $2 billion USD on gaming websites that use Parlay software. Operating under a Gibraltar gaming license, St. Minver Bingo Network, which also includes Yahoo! Games, Virgin Games, Park Group and others. The company currently operates 62 white label casinos, bingo and poker sites across 31 different partners, plus an additional 22 poker sites.

For more information on Parlay solutions and services, please visit our Web site at

(1) United States Patent No. Minver and we are confident that our leading software, coupled with their superior marketing and operations abilities, will result in a successful venture for Littlewoods.”

Leigh Nissim, Managing Director of St. The number of players in our network continues to grow significantly which allows us to offer the best entertainment, jackpots and player experience in the European online bingo market.”

LONDON — Leading UK betting gaming brand is the latest to launch Internet bingo on the St. 6,585,590 “Method and system for operating a bingo game on the Internet”, with other Patent applications pending in other countries.

This document may contain statements about expected future events and/or financial and operating results of Parlay Entertainment Inc. Some of the world’s best-known brands use Parlay Bingo solutions, including Virgin, Yahoo! and MSN.

About St. By their nature, forward-looking statements require the Company to make assumptions and are subject to inherent risks and uncertainties. Minver Limited

St. Minver UK, commented, “We’re delighted to welcome a pedigree gaming brand such as Littlewoods into our bingo network. is the world’s leading developer and dominant licensor of Internet bingo solutions. As the inventor and patent holder of Internet bingo(1), Parlay is the first company in the world to develop and deploy a commercial Internet bingo product. Drawing on over 80 years of experience, Littlewoods Gaming has developed a wide-ranging product portfolio, which includes football pools and football games, sports betting and online casino, poker and entertainment games.

Copyright 2006, Gale Group. that are forward-looking. Parlay Bingo is available in both 75-number and 90-number versions and is complemented by a full suite of lottery and casino games. St. Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company.

Littlewoods Gaming has a strong brand heritage in the UK dating back to 1923 when it launched Littlewoods Football Pools

BET Experience FAN Fest @ L.A. LIVE! – Los Angeles L.A. LIVE

It’s all about the fans!

Friday and Saturday June 28-29, 2013

BET Experience Health Wellness: Fans will have the opportunity to learn how to live better. Furthermore, in addition to the dozens of local African-American restaurants that will be selling foods of all types, the Taste of Taste of Soul stage will feature cooking demonstrations by top L.A. to 6 p.m.

The Fan Fest includes a BET and Centric Pavilion where almost all the activities will occur. chefs, food competitions and daily raffles for tickets to see the night’s headline acts.

BET Experience FAN Fest @ L.A. LIVE

Saturday Music Matters Stage: Fans will be given the opportunity to discover the hottest up-and-coming acts on the Music matters Stage on Saturday from 12 p.m. You will have the opportunity to work your mind body and soul; hit up the celebrity sport court; try yoga and Pilates; or get a nice massage.

Fan Fast Activities include the following:

BET Experience Dance-A-Thon: Fans will be given the opportunity to get down with the hottest music, learn the latest dance steps and possibly even see celebrities doing the two-step live.. LIVE

BET Experience Party People: A-List DJs will be performing all day and night

BET Experience FAN Fest

SPIKE’s Bellator MMA: Bellator MMA, the largest tournament-based mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in the world, will be coming to BET Experience’s Fan Fest. There will also be surprise appearances!

The Fan Fest is an interactive expo that invites guests to engage with their favorite BET shows, talent and their favorite brands through exhibits, demonstrations and giveaways. There will be drive-in movies, gourmet food, live music, beauty lounges, and much more to please everyone!

A Taste of Taste of Soul: Fans will have the opportunity to experience soul food from renowned chefs, serving up main dishes, sides and heart-healthy desserts. Fans will be able to step inside a real life Bellator MMA cage and circle around like a champion. These Pavilions will have it all. LIVE!


BET Experience Celebrity Basketball Game Celebrity: Fans will be given the opportunity to see their favorite celebrities battle it out on the basketball court.


Is detroit’s mgm casino smoke-free?

According to, Detroit’s MGM Grand Casino is a smoke-free facility. All guestrooms and gaming tables are smoke free. For those who wish to smoke, there are a few designated smoking areas on the property.

Source: Lodging Information: MGM Grand Detroit

Astrology’s Cancer Lucky Days; Horoscope modifiers from Numerology by Keith Abbott

(7 + 12) = (19) = (1).

In Numerology, birth dates are lucky days for you. For March: 5th, 7th, 12th, 20th, 21st, and the 25th.

For July: 3rd, 4th, 7th, 20th, 22nd, and the 25th.

For May: 1st, 5th, 10th, 11th, 18th, and the 19th.

Six days of each month are specifically lucky for Cancer. So, go ahead and add your birth date as a lucky day. Tom Cruse’s Life Path number is a (1) as calculated below:

For September: 5th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 27th, and the 28th.

For August: 5th, 8th, 9th, 21st, 22nd, and the 30th.

=== Cancer Calendar Dates

For December: 4th, 9th, 13th, 24th, 30th, and the 31st.

Doing this calculation for every day is tedious; you can pre-calculate the year and month sum, (7 + 2007) = (7), and then just add this value to the day number, and then sum the result. They are as follows:

For February: 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 22nd, and the 27th.

=== Universal Days

For April: 2nd, 7th, 8th, 12th, 13th, and the 29th.

Universal Day (07/12/2007) = (7 + 12 + 2007) = (2026) = (10) = (1)

For November: 6th, 7th, 16th, 17th, 27th, and the 30th.

Astrology’s Cancer Lucky Days; Horoscope modifiers from Numerology

 by: Keith Abbott

Life Path number = (07 + 03 + 1962) = (1972) = (1 + 9 + 7 + 2) = (19) = (10) = (1).

For October: 1st, 3rd, 11th, 15th, 16th, and the 30th.

As an example, July 12th, 2007 is a lucky day for Tom Cruse. For example, actor Tom Cruse was born on July 3rd, 1962, so he should add July 3rd to the list of July lucky days.. The universe supports your actions on these days. Your Life Path number is calculated by adding all the digits of your birth date by fadic addition. As a Cancer, you probably know your basic Horoscope, but did you know there are six days every month that are lucky for you, just because of your sign? Just what are Cancer’s lucky days?

=== Your Birth Date

Days in which the Universal day number matches your Life Path number are considered lucky for you. The Universal Day number is one which matches his Life Path number.

For January: 3rd, 9th, 11th, 13th, 16th, and the 29th.

For June: 2nd, 7th, 10th, 15th, 24th, and the 28th.

People born in the date range of June 22nd through July 22nd, have the Astrology sun sign of Cancer the Crab

Winning Edge International, Inc. to Expand into Soccer Handicapping Services

Although Management believes that the expectations reflected in these forward-looking statements are reasonable, it can give no assurance that such expectations will prove to have been correct. market where online gaming is legalized and regulated will allow us to attract lucrative online gaming and poker sponsorships aimed only at an international audience.”

. believes its forecasting assumptions are reasonable, there are factors that are hard to predict and influenced by economic and other conditions that are beyond Winning Edge International, Inc.’s control. Winning Edge International, Inc. and European-based Soccer gamblers the same “winning edge” that we provide to American football gamblers on our popular web site is America’s only publicly traded sports handicapping company. While Winning Edge International, Inc. We plan to initially focus our efforts in Europe, and have acquired the web address to offer our services. We expect our site and services to be available by year end. The Company produces high-quality sports and gaming entertainment programming and sells advertising and sponsorship opportunities on their TV and radio properties, as well as marketing opportunities to an exclusive database of more than one million predominately male sports and gaming fans.

All statements included in this press release, other than statements of historical fact, are forward-looking statements. Winning Edge International believes that soccer is the single most promising area for the company to expand its handicapping services internationally.

Chairman CEO, Wayne Allyn Root stated “This year’s World Cup was estimated to have one billion viewers, and as sports gambling experts believe that Soccer is the most widely bet sport in the world, we believe that our professional advice, analysis and handicapping services will meet with much success and demand from international Soccer fans and gamblers (or “punters” as they are known in U.K.). We will provide for U.K. specializes in developing and marketing sports handicapping advice and information via television (Wayne Allyn Root’s WinningEDGE (TM)), radio and the Internet ( and ( (OTCBB:WNED) announced today that it plans to offer sports handicapping services for Soccer, the most widely followed and wagered sport in the world. Important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from the expectations that are disclosed in this Press Release. Among the other important factors which could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements are detailed in Winning Edge International, Inc.’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Winning Edge International, Inc. The beauty of our entry into Soccer and other international sports is that it diversifies our Company; makes us less reliant on the American gambling market; instantly provides balance and stability to our ability to attract revenues throughout our calendar year because Soccer is popular in Spring and Summer when American sports gambling goes into hibernation; and our entry into the U.K. – Winning Edge International, Inc.

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