Most Expensive Footballers (Soccer Players) In The World

This led to Ibrahimovic threatening to break Van der Vaart’s legs, and concluded in Ajax selling Ibrahimovic to Juventus for EUR16 million. He made his debut ages just 16 years old and went on to make 40 appearances for Southampton, scoring 5 goals, before moving to Tottenham Hotspur in 2007 for a total fee of £7 million.

Kaká started his career in his native Brazil with Sao Paulo, signing a contract at the age of 15. Over the course of three seasons at Napoli Cavani made 104 league appearances for the club and scored an incredible 78 goals, obviously boosting his transfer value massively and making him one of the most sought after strikers in the world. The deal was worth EUR69.5 million total, making it the 3rd largest transfer in history.

2. This is just a small sample of his honours, which also include being Portugal’s top all time scorer (49 goals). Inter and Barcelona came to an agreement over Ibrahimovic in 2009, with a large sum of money, Samuel Eto’o and Alexander Hleb moving in Inter’s direction, and Ibrahimovic moving to the Spanish giants. He has excellent technique and accuracy with both feet, as well as being an extremely good header of the ball. Ronaldo is known for his free kick ability, long shooting, dribbling and finishing in one on one situations. A Brazilian playing in an advanced midfield position just behind the striker(s), he is known for his massive array of technical abilities, and is excellent at shooting (both in one on one situations and from range), dribbling and intuitive passing vision, as well as the ability to play the passes he sees. Christiano Ronaldo

Manchester United to Real Madrid for 94 million Euros

In 2009, Christiano Ronaldo once again asked to leave the m88 club for his boyhood favourites, Real Madrid. In his first season at Milan, Ibrahimovic once again won the Serie A title, making it 8 consecutive league title wins for the Swede. To illustrate this, in the 2012-2013 season he was awarded the PFA Players’ Player of the Year, Young Player of the Year and FWA Player of the Year awards. This request was accepted by Alex Ferguson, and at the start of the 2009 summer transfer window Christiano Ronaldo became the most expensive footballer in history, with Real Madrid completed a EUR94 million transfer for him, closing his Manchester United account on 84 goals in 196 league appearances. Many think that if it weren’t for the excellence of Lionel Messi, he would have won every Ballon d’Or since. He left White Hart Lane with 42 goals in 146 league appearances.

Most Expensive Footballers (Soccer Players) In The World


In 2013 Kaká decided he wanted to leave Real Madrid, and made the move back to his European love, AC Milan, on a free transfer. Then came the Calciopoli scandal in 2006, where Juventus were stripped of their last two Serie A titles due to their part in match fixing, they were also relegated to Serie B as a punishment. Over the next four seasons with Milan, Kaká was nominated for the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards a further 3 times, finally winning both individual awards in 2007. With multiple top clubs interested in the 26 year old’s signature, including Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Paris Saint German, it was obvious that Cavani would go for a hefty price tag. Since moving to the “New Galacticos” in 2009, Ronaldo has scored 171 league goals in 159 appearances. He plays in a wide range of attacking positions, he can play as a left or right winger, as a central attacking player or in the out and out strikers role. Kaka

AC Milan to Real Madrid for 68.5 million Euros

First on our list of most expensive footballers in the world is Gareth Bale, who moved from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid in 2013 for EUR100 million. He is also known for his religiousness and charitability.

As of March 2014 Cavani has made 24 league appearances for PSG and scored 14 goals, forging a fearsome striking partnership with Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the process.

Gareth Bale went through another injury crisis in the first half of his first season with Real Madrid, missing much of his debut season, but he has since regained his form and has scored 10 and assisted 11 in 20 appearances for Real Madrid. He has won numerous awards at individual, club, and international levels. This occurred during an international match between Sweden and Netherlands, where Rafael Van der Vaart publicly accused Ibrahimovic of purposely injuring him. Alongside his technical ability he is extremely fast and a high jumper, making him the modern day epitomy of an all round player. Many top players left the club during this time, despite the staff’s best efforts to keep them, and Ibrahimovic was no exception, moving to Inter Milan in a deal worth EUR24.8 million.

In his debut season with AC Milan, Kaká made 30 appearances, scoring 10 goals and many important assists, winning the Serie A title in the process. At the end of the 2009-10 season he announced that his relationship with Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola had deteriorated beyond repair, and the manager hadn’t spoken to him since March. He has been mentioned to be one of the greatest players of all time, alongside Lionel Messi. Some of his personal records include being the fastest player to score 150 La Liga goals, most goals scored in a single season for Madrid (60), most goals scored in a single La Liga season for Madrid (46), most hat tricks in a season for Madrid (7) and fastest player to reach 50, 100, 150 and 200 goals for Real Madrid. As of March 2014 Kaká has made 20 appearances for Milan, scoring 5 goals and adding 3 assists.

Progressing in descending order, Edinson Cavani starts our list of the most expensive footballers (soccer players) in the world.

Ibrahimovic startd his career with Malmö FF of his native Read More Here


Sports Betting

– New Jersey will defy a federal ban and let people bet on the outcomes of football, basketball and other m88 games this fall, Gov. ho-hu…

Here’s something for workers to cheer about: All the betting pools, glances at score updates and coffee chatter about the NCAA Tournament are good for…

Sports betting is booming. Raymond Lesniak pledged Tuesday to take the figh…

Adventures of a Cranky Gambler — NFL Week 1

Legal Sports Betting Blocked In New Jersey

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Come summer 2016, when the best of the best athletes climb podiums wearing gold, silver and bronze medals, Las Vegas gamblers could…

That shiny first date newness of Week 1 has worn off and it’s time to settle in for the long grind of the season. Thos…

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NFL Plays Ball With Gambling Industry

Let The Olympics Gambling Games Begin!

NFL Replacement Officials Affecting Vegas

Fresh off a victory in his state on the path towards legalizing sports betting, New Jersey state Sen. Both sports f…

The Legal Blitz

New Workers’ Incentive Program: March Madness

What’s bigger than watching the big game in your living room? Watching it with several hundred other like-minded fans going crazy play after play! As usual Las Vegas takes everything to the craziest level possible and when Super Bowl Sunday comes it is no exception.

Sucker’s Bet? Cash-Strapped States Double-Down On Gambling

In football, the odds are carefully crafted and discussed. But the odds didn’t take into account the intangibles — in this case, the spirit of Ray Lewis.

New Push To Legalize Sports Betting Could Pay Off

Roger Martin

Betting websites are is reporting on activity leading up to Sunday’s Super Bowl — bets placed not on the actual game but on the length of the national anthem. Raymond Lesniak (D) apparently likes to bet on the underdog. 1188, which if enacted, would reform the regulatory oversight of the multi-billion dollar horse racing industry in the state.

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RJ Bell

Brandi Megan Granett

Amy Chavez

Gambling is on a roll. Sports betting is the most taboo yet pervasive activity among sports fans and grows in popularity exponentially.

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Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. But we’re getting more evidence that it’s Super Bowl big. They report that it will log in between 2:15 and 2:25.

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Members of the Pennsylvania Senate have introduced Senate Bill No. He compares his fight to legalize sports-wagering to David and Goli…

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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. Oddsmakers say ca…

How could the Patriots do so poorly in the expectations game while kicking proverbial butt in the real game? It is because expectations know no bounds.

Now for Something Really Different: Watching the Australian Open Down Under

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Online Casinos: Not So Fast

New Jersey State Sen. But here’s the thing, it’s still too early to really know what kind of talent these teams have.

– Las Vegas casinos think this weekend’s NFL games will be the highest-scoring ever thanks to the league’s replacement officials. People went into this weekend knowing for sure that the Denver Broncos would beat the Ravens. Yes, trillion with a T!

Super Bowl: Vegas Style

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Christie Makes Brazen Move To Defy Federal Ban

I had the chance to watch the entire Australian Open in Melbourne on the Australian Prime Network TV. Strange prop bets aren’t uncommon in the world of sports gambling but we hadn’t heard much about …

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Final Four Betting Passes Epic Milestone

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Mark Cuban’s Idea Goes Bust

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Gambling Gains: Another Victory for Sports Betting, in N.J.. But one of his boldest ideas yet may have proven too hot to handle. Centaur, a London-based investment c…

Blayne Davis

A federal judge ruled Friday night that Read More Here


Casino-Gaming :: Enter In to The Amazing World Of On-line Gambling and Enjoy Your self

If you want to play at an online casino site on the Web there are a lot from which you can pick one. There are cases when they obtain a very positive result but there are also situations when they drop huge amounts of money.

The Internet gclub casino is the online version of the land-based casino. But such players enjoy to play the game just for fun. But there are some people who like to invest extremely large amounts of money into the casino games. But not every one likes to gamble on the World wide web. The great thing is you don’t have to be concerned when you play them that you will loose important amounts of money. On the Internet there are two types of casinos: the web-based and the download only casino. It offers a much larger variety of games. In the end it doesn’t matter whether you play casino games on line or at a traditional one. Many are enjoying to play casino games with small amounts of money.

You can choose to play some of the most popular casino games such as slot machines, roulette, baccarat, craps and blackjack. In order to know that you have to do some research. But the main issue with this type of venues is the fact that they are not very accessible. After you have managed to complete all of this steps you are ready to get into the exciting and unique world of online casino gambling.

On the Net you can discover many websites that are giving you the opportunity to play free casino games. The most important thing is to have fun.

The best thing about this is if it happens to loose a match you have lost just a few bucks. Before you choose an online casino first you have to find out which are some of the most popular. They are only entering online casino web sites where the games are played for real money. Many enjoy to play casino games at a land based casino. Beside being the most popular they are also some of the best casino games. They enjoy a lot the feeling and thrill that gambling produces. With out a doubt that the online casino is a terrific entertainment tool. The situation with the online casino is that it offers playback percentages and odds which can be easily compared to those which are given at a traditional casino.

. In this virtual places people are playing casino games throughout the Internet. After you have chosen an online casino you will need to download the required software and then go to the registration page and register. The online casino has a great advantage over the conventional one. But there are persons that do not enjoy to gamble in that way

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Real Madrid Effect: Sports Sponsoring Boosts Siemens Brand – Mobile Phone Market Share in Spain Grows From 17 to 21 Percent in One Year

“We focus first and foremost on mass-market sports like Formula 1 and football, and we align our portfolio to cover growth markets like China,” explains Rolf Beisswanger. Beisswanger heads up the global sponsoring activities of Siemens mobile, the mobile communication segment at Siemens. And for the past five years in a row, Siemens AG has been supporting the Formula 1 umbrella organization FIA, with the Siemens logo appearing on the screen whenever the lap times are shown during television broadcasts of the races. Football sponsoring in China is also paying off handsomely. In Spain, for example, where 62 out of every 100 surveyed know about Siemens from football sponsoring, nearly twice as many as a year before. “With our involvement in professional mountain biking, we’re going with the right sport in the U.S.A., one that enables us to reach the target group of young trendsetters.”

Pictures accompanying this press release are available for downloading from:

Siemens mobile is active in European football and sponsors the following clubs: As the jersey sponsor of Real Madrid (Spain), Girondins de Bordeaux (France), Aalborg BK (Denmark) and as a co-sponsor of FC Bayern Munchen (Germany), of Juventus Turin (Italy) and Chelsea (England).

For the past year, the Real Madrid players have been wearing jerseys bearing the Siemens mobile logo. These numbers were announced today by Rolf Beisswanger to mark the first anniversary of the sponsoring agreement with Spain’s top club, Real Madrid. In Asia, too, Siemens has moved up to number among the region’s most well known sponsors. Ronaldo is a good example of this in Brazil, where Siemens has lifted its share of the GSM mobile phone market to over 60 percent. . Siemens’ supported brand awareness in Europe increased from 81 to 84 Percent. Since 1998, Siemens mobile has been a partner to the West McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 racing stall. The market share held by Siemens mobile phones there rose from 17 to 21 percent during the past 12 months, with Siemens advancing from 3rd to 2nd place. Since March 2003, Siemens mobile has additionally been the title sponsor of the Chinese Football League, the “Siemens mobile Football League,” and a partner to the country’s national team, Team China. You can access press releases, photographs and further information on the Internet at:

MUNICH, Germany & MADRID, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 23, 2003– The Positive Effects of Sponsoring Formula 1, Football and Mountain Biking

Sports sponsoring by Siemens (NYSE: SI, FWB: SIE) is working: Within one year, brand awareness levels have soared in Europe and Asia. In just the few short months since it began sponsoring the Chinese national team and the Chinese Football League, Siemens mobile has become one of the front-runners there in terms of sponsor awareness. Since then, public awareness of this brand has risen worldwide, especially in those countries that have a national star on the Real Madrid team. A positive effect can also be seen from the company’s involvement in Formula 1 racing and its technology partnership with West McLaren Mercedes: Over 50 percent of Formula 1 fans in Europe know Siemens as a sponsor of this racing series Read More Here


Bayern equals Bundesliga’s 30-yr ‘unbeaten’ record with 2-1 win over Hoffenheim.

All rights reserved.

Washington, Nov 3 ( ANI ): German giants Bayern Munich has equaledtheir league Bundesliga’s record run of 36 unbeaten matchesfollowing a 2-1 victory over another German side Hoffenheim on Saturdayat Rhein-Neckar-Arena.

The Bundesliga record was set by another German side Hamburg 30 years ago during 1982-83, and Pep Guardiola’s side can claim sole ownership of that milestone if they win at home against low-placed side Augsburg next weekend, although they will face a slightly tougher test before then in Tuesday’s Champions League trip to Viktoria Plzen.

However, the report said that Bayern equalized before halftime when striker Mario Mandzukic scored his eighth goal in the league this season, while Thomas Muller scrambled a second-half winner from close range. . Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.

Third-placed Bayer Leverkusen dropped four points behind Bayern, losing 1-0 at bottom club Eintracht Braunschweig thanks to an 81st-minute goal by Congolese striker Domi Kumbela, the report added. ( ANI )

According to CNN, Bayern was pressurised following second-placed Borussia Dortmund’s 6-1 hammering of Stuttgart and further came under tension when teenaged Hoffenheim defender Niklas Sule became the youngest player in the club’s history to score a goal.

Provided by an company

COPYRIGHT 2013 Al Bawaba (Middle East) Ltd.

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Copyright 2013 Gale, Cengage Learning Read More Here


Ryan Desmarais – :

I am a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where I earned my BA in English with a minor in Communication Arts. And with a potential chance for a national championship seemingly falling

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Iron Bowl 2010: Auburn Showed The Heart Of A Champion Against Alabama

The 2010 Iron Bowl was just another classic in what seems like an annual tradition of classic games between Auburn and Alabama. The Eagles slapped the franchise tag on the resurgent quarterback on Tuesday, which came as a surprise to very few.

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Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks Heating Up? Knicks, Nuggets Owners Discuss Trade

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Wrigley Field Football: Are Northwestern and Illinois At Fault For Field?

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Buster Posey Named NL Rookie of the Year: Why Posey Was a No-Brainer

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Adam Wainwright to have Tommy John Surgery: Can the St. Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC have agreed on a deal which will send Torres to London and

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<img class=

After leading BYU to an impressive win against San Diego State on Wednesday, Jimmer Fredettes legend has grown to astronomical proportions.

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Middle School Trick Play [VIDEO]: Did Driscoll Middle School Lack Sportsmanship?

Driscoll Middle Schools trick play has become an internet sensation overnight. I am also a freelance sports writer and have had my work featured on and

rss feed

Chris Bosh Flop: Miami Forward Crumbles after Phantom Foul (Video)

Chris Bosh, the third wheel of the Miami Heats Three Kings, couldnt get any shots to fall against the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night. So Bosh decided to do whatever it took to make sure the Bulls

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Tim Floyd Ejected: UTEP Head Coach Escorted from Floor by Police (Video)

Tim Floyd sure knows how to make a memorable exit. Two weeks after defeating the Texas Rangers in the 2010 World Series, Buster Posey was named the 2010 NL Rookie

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BCS Standings 2010: Week 12 Football Rankings Show a Four-Team Race

With the 2010 college football season winding down, the BCS football standings for Week 12 show that the BCS National Championship situations are rounding into form and the legitimate contenders are rising

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Cam Newton NCAA Investigation: How Will New Scandal Impact Auburn Football?

The NCAA investigation into Cam Newton, the Auburn Tigers quarterback, seems to have taken a much more serious turn that could be a high cause for concern for the Auburn football team. Is it any coincidence that this happened just as the defending NBA champions

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Rick DiPietro: The Goalie Fight That Wasnt

New York Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro looked to give the hockey world what every true, die-hard hockey fan loves: A fight between the goalies. While there have been many trick plays converted in all ranks of football, this might be the most clever in recent

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. Luckily for Brett Favre, hell barely be around to deal

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Cliff Lee Joins the Philadelphia Phillies: Does Anyone Else in the NL Have a Chance?

Cliff Lee finally made his decision late Monday night, and the baseball world now has to deal with an historic starting rotation. The Philadelphia Phillies made a late entrance into the

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Patriots-Jets: New England Teaches The NFL An Important Lesson

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It is difficult to argue against Fredettes stats, which

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Caleb Hanie: Why Jay Cutlers Injury Brightened Hanies Future

Did anyone know who Caleb Hanie was at 3:00PM on Sunday? The only people who might have heard of Hanie at that point were students, alumni and fans of Colorado State, people within the Chicago Bears organization,

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Johnny Damon, Manny Ramirez Sign with Rays: Resurgence in Tampa Bay?

It looks like Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez are looking to duplicate the magic they created seven years ago in Boston and bring it to Tampa. Louis Cardinals Overcome?” /

Adam Wainwrights season is over as quickly as it begun Read More Here


Dinamo Zagreb’s Loss to Lyon Sparks Match Fixing Rumors

Three points behind Dutch powerhouse Ajax, Lyon needed not only for Ajax to lose to Real Madrid (the days other Group D matchup) but also to defeat Zagreb by at least six goals while hoping Ajax could be held scoreless.

Thats Dynamo Zagrebs Domagoj Vida smiling and winking at Lyons Bafetembi Gomis after Gomis netted one of his four goals on the evening.

But it was the way that Lyon scored those goals that started the match fixing whispers. Even the mighty Real Madrid were held to one goal (though one was all they needed) against Dinamo when the teams played in Zagreb.

But did they have help?

It shouldnt be too long before someone looks into how many bets were suddenly placed on Lyon during the half, thats for sure.

So what was it? Extraordinary and coincidental luck or good old-fashioned match fixing?

And so they did.

Coming into the match, Ajax had eight points in the group and a goal differential of +3; by dropping the game (and conceding three goals) to Real Madrid, Ajax ended group play with those same eight points, and their differential dropped to 0.

When Lyon took the pitch against Dinamo Zagreb in Wednesdays UEFA Champions League Group D match, they were in need of a miracle.

Now to Lyon and Dinamo Zagreb. Going into the match Lyon had five points in the group and a goal differential of -4. It was as if Dinamo Zagreb, a team that (despite expectations) came out strongly and was up 1-0 early in the match, suddenly decided to stop defending just long enough for Lyon to score an epic run of goals.

Initially, the two matches looked like a perfect storma routine defeat of Ajax by Real Madrid (with a bit of quirky refereeing, but thats nothing new) and an inspired performance by Lyon that resulted in them scoring their requisite seven goals in just thirty minutes time.

And yet even after this perfect string of unlikely coincidences it was still possible that the day involved nothing more than an exceptional amount of luck.

First to the game in Amsterdam: Ajax were not expected to defeat Real Madrid (who, having already beaten Ajax 3-0 at home, came into their final match of group play undefeated) but the Dutch club came out strong, scoring two brilliant goals against Madrids 3. By six goals.

Until Dutch blogs began running the following photo:

Suspiciously to some thats exactly what happened.. They only managed to score two goals against Dinamo when the teams met in France. Except of course that neither of them were. Replays showed both goals being onside by a wide margin.

And its not that Lyon are that overwhelming. The way the Zagreb goal keeper failed to even move to cover crosses. The final score? 0-3 to Madrid, thanks to some truly astonishing (and, in light of events in Zagreb, quite fishy) refereeing which resulted in both Ajax goals being disallowed for being offside. The way the Dinamo Zagreb defenders stopped marking Lyons strikers. In order to progress to the elimination round of the Champions League they needed Ajax to lose (and for their differential to drop) and they needed to defeat Dinamo Zagreb in front of a hostile crowd Read More Here


Cincinnati Celebrates its German Heritage at Oktoberfest

Taking place the Friday before the festival on Fountain Square, dachshunds from all over the Cincinnati area, each dressed in a provided hotdog bun costume, race 100 feet to their waiting owners. Taking place at the clubs headquarters, Germania Park on Kemper Road, the festival features plenty of German food and beer, including full dinners that can be purchased at the clubhouse, as well as food tents selling sausage, limburger cheese and other German food. Over 500,000 people attended Oktoberfest Zinzinnati in 2009.

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati commences with what has become one of its most popular events, the Annual Running of the Wieners. Festivities begin with a keg tapping ceremony and there is plenty of German and American food, beer, music ranging from traditional German to rock and country, and over 90 arts and crafts booths on offer.

Further Information

. The winning dachshund receives a prize and spectators get to enjoy German food and beer as well as a world-class sporting event.

A parade of lederhosen-clad German American representatives and the traditional tapping of the kegs officially opens the Oktoberfest on Saturday. Possibly more beer, bratwursts and potato pancakes are consumed in Cincinnati during Oktoberfest than in any other city in the country.

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, 18-19 September 2010

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati claims to be the second largest Oktoberfest in the world which would make it second only to the world-famous celebrations in Munich. It has over 30 shops, restaurants, hotels and pubs and hosts special events throughout the year, including a popular German-style Maifest, antique markets, wine festivals, a Christmas market and of course, Oktoberfest.

Cincinnati is proud of its German heritage and during the months of August and September, the entire city celebrates the German tradition of Oktoberfest with not just one but three festivals taking place in and around the city. Not called the Worlds Largest for nothing, the Chicken Dance at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati found its way in the record books in 1994 with 48,000 participants. For dessert there is plenty of strudel, pastry and cream puffs.

Enjoy Oktoberfest in CincinnatiWhen the people of Cincinnati start measuring their dachshunds for hotdog bun costumes and practising their Chicken Dance moves, it can only mean one thing that it is time for Oktoberfest.

Entertainment includes polka music and dancing and, of course, the Worlds Largest Chicken Dance. Tens of thousands participate in this annual event to help work off some of that rich German food and beer. The festival has been held in downtown Cincinnati since 1976 and has grown steadily over the years. Streets are lined with tents selling beer and German food of all varieties including brats, metts, potato pancakes, sauerkraut, pretzels and potato salad. The festival serves authentic German beers, German wine and schnapps.

There is plenty of entertainment on hand, with German music and dancing, and magic shows for the children. On Sunday, the Germania Oktoberfest holds a Tug-O-War competition with teams of burly men (and women) trying to win the honour of this traditional show of strength.

For those looking to experience some authentic German culture and fun, Cincinnati is the place to be during Oktoberfest season.

The Germania Society of Cincinnati was founded in 1964 to provide a place for Germans and German Americans in the Cincinnati area to meet and celebrate their heritage. Today, it covers an area of six city blocks, from Race Street to Broadway, devoted to German music, food and beer. It holds events throughout the year and also sponsors and promotes cultural programmes in the area, including German language schools and German radio programmes.

Mainstrasse Village Oktoberfest, 10-12 September 2010

Just across the river from Cincinnati in Covington, Kentucky, the historic German neighbourhood of Mainstrasse Village hosts its own annual Oktoberfest the weekend after Labor Day.

Mainstrasse Village is a German-style neighbourhood rich in history. This year the Oktoberfest welcomes a very special guest, as Homer Simpson himself arrives in Cincinnati to lead the dance.

Germania Society Oktoberfest, 27-29 August 2010

The Germania Society of Cincinnati has held its “original and most authentic” Oktoberfest since 1971 Read More Here


Schalke begins Bundesliga with 3-0 win at Werder Bremen

BERLIN (AP) Schalke started its Bundesliga season with a 3-0 victory at Werder Bremen on Saturday while promoted Ingolstadt claimed its first top-level win.

Bremen defender Theodor Gebre Selassie scored an own goal with an unstoppable chip in off the underside of the bar while trying to clear Joel Matip’s cross in the 34th.

Matip then set up Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting in the 68th and Klaas Jan Huntelaar rounded off the scoring in the 85th after a brilliant run from Leroy Sane.

Ingolstadt defeated Mainz 1-0 away thanks to Lukas Hinterseer’s 66th-minute winner, Hertha Berlin won 1-0 at Augsburg as both sides finished with 10 men, Bayer Leverkusen came from behind to beat Hoffenheim 2-1 and promoted Darmstadt drew 2-2 at home with Hannover.

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Are Chelsea FC well liked?

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Champions League 2015 qualifying: Matchups, scores, and how to watch the playoff round

Malm FF –August 19, 2:45 p.m. All times Eastern. Maccabi Tel Aviv — August 19,2:45 p.m. Dinamo Zagreb –August 19,2:45 p.m. Monaco are itching to show that last season’s quarterfinal run was no fluke, but Valencia are equally eager to show that they’re back and that they belong on Europe’s biggest stage.

Sporting Clube de Portugal 2-1 CSKA Moscow

Manchester United 3-1 Club Brugge

Astana 1-0 APOEL

Those are just a few of a host of tasty matchups the next two weeks will be bringing us. / August 25, 2:45 p.m.

Lazio 1-0 Bayer Leverkusen. In the Champions League, anything can happen. Now it’s time to see who makes the cut, and who drops to the Europa League. Rapid Wien vs. There’s going to be fantastic goals, wonderful moments, painful mistakes, massive upsets, and huge surprises. This is the final stage of qualifying for the continent’s top club competition, and there’s just 20 teams left, paired up and ready to battle it out for the last ten group stage spots on offer.

Sknderbeu Kor vs. There’s a lot on the line, and how teams handle the pressure will be very telling for their seasons to come.

Full Schedule

Dates and results shown for first and second legs respectively; first team listed is home in the first leg. AS Monaco — August 19,2:30 p.m. / August 25, 2:45 p.m.

Will Manchester United waltz through Club Brugge with ease, or will the upset kings of last season’s Europa League strike again on a larger stage? What about the duel of two quietly high-quality teams in Bayer Leverkusen or Lazio? Malm want to make it back to the group stage to improve on what they did a year ago, but have to get past a determined Celtic side to get there. Shakhtar Donetsk –August 19,2:45 p.m. In this last qualifying round, just about anything will happen. / August 25, 2:45 p.m.

Valencia vs. / August 25, 2:45 p.m.

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FC Basel vs. / August 25, 2:45 p.m.

There’s a wide spectrum of teams competing for places in the Champions League group stage. Who’s going to make it through the storm?

The Champions League playoff round represents the last step before the group stage, the promised land for clubs around Europe searching for glory. Links to listing for viewing options.

BATE Borisov 1-0 Partizan

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Iran’s Khamenei warns US against using Vienna nuclear deal for ‘infiltration’

We should first identify the enemy’s intentions and then counter their objectives through planning.”

In a recent editorial published in Khamenei’s mouthpiece, Kayhan, Hossein Shariatmadari wrote: “Using the phrase ‘whether this text is approved or disapproved’ shows his lack of trust in the text of the deal. If His Excellency [Khamenei] had a positive view, he would have not insisted on the need for the text to be scrutinised through legal channels … Insisting that Tehran remained strongly opposed to Washington’s Middle East policy, Khamenei, who wields the ultimate authority in Iran’s political affairs, alleged that the US had assumed the nuclear deal was a “channel of infiltration”.

“But we have definitely blocked this path and with all our power, we won’t allow the Americans to make economic, political or cultural inroads [into the country] or have a political presence in Iran. The editor, who was appointed by Khamenei himself, is seen as close to the leader and often reflects his views on several political matters.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned the US saying Tehran will not allow any infiltration by the Americans using the Vienna nuclear agreement.

The remarks have come amid spiralling speculation that the nuclear accord signed by Iran and the P5+1 powers has created a rift between Khamenei and Iranian President Hassan Rohani. It leaves no doubt that His Excellency is not satisfied with the text.”

Iran’s Khamenei warns US against using Vienna nuclear deal for ‘infiltration’

Shariatmadari was referring to one of Khamenei’s earlier speeches during which he was critical of the deal. There were local reports suggesting the nuclear deal had crossed what Khamenei considered the “red line”.

“The Americans seek to use the deal, which it is not clear if it will be passed or rejected in Iran or in America, to infiltrate into Iran,” he told a gathering of the International General Assembly of Islamic Radios and Televisions Union in Tehran.

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Hard Road for the Red Devils – National Germany Football

Since the Week 2 match against FC Bayern Munich, the Red Devils stand at a 3-1-7 (W-D-L) record for the season.

However, that was Week 2 and the Bundesliga is quickly approaching Week 12 of the regular season and the story could not be anymore grim for the Red Devils. FCK is currently ranked 15th out of the 18 teams in the first tier of the Bundesliga.

The beginning of the 2010-2011 season was one full of optimism for the 1. FCK had reached the first place rank in the 2. FC Cologne in a 3-1 victory; and later on upsetting the Bundesliga Champions FC Bayern Munich in back to back goals during the 36′ and 37′. FCK’s win over FC Bayern Munich placed them as the number one football team in Germany. The third game won against Borussia Monchengladbach was a 3-0 victory, the lowest ranked team in the first tier. . FC Kaiserslautern (FCK) Red Devils. Bundesliga in their 2009-2010 season, thus bringing them from the league’s second tier to the first. The first two games of the season did all but upset fans of the team as the Red Devils picked apart the highly anticipated 1 Read More Here